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Правовой статус и виды академий наук в России

Л. Ю. Грудцына


Правовой статус и виды академий наук в России


The state academies of Sciences are public institutions which have the right to carry out business activity only so far as it serves achievement of the objectives for which they are created, and answering these purpose. The public institution can carry out activity bringing in the income only if such right is provided to it by constituent documents.

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Academy of Sciences, basic researches, public institution, science, scientific and technical policy, social sciences, академия наук, государственное учреждение, наука, научно-техническая политика, общественные науки, фундаментальные исследования

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Право и жизнь. – 2013. – № 176. – С. 94–108.

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