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Pope Innocent II (1130-43)

the world vs the city / ed. by J. Doran and D. J. Smith


Pope Innocent II (1130-43)

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London [et al.]



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XVI, 403 p.


Church, faith and culture in the Medieval West



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Contents: Preface; Innocent II: a very short introduction, Damian J. Smith; Two popes: the city vs the world, John Doran; Innocent II and the empire, I. S. Robinson; Sicut ex scriptis vestris accepimus: Innocent II and the insulae Britanniae et Hiberniae, Anne J. Duggan; Innocent II and Capetian France, Pascal Montaubin; From Aquitaine to Provence: the struggle for influence during the schism of 1130, Ursula Vones-Liebenstein; Innocent II and the Kingdom of Sicily, G. A. Loud; The men who would be kings: Innocent II and Spain, Damian J. Smith; Struggling for ecclesiastical independence in the North, Torben Kjersgaard Nielsen; The transmission of the Councils from 1130 to 1139*, Martin Brett and Robert Somerville; Jura sua unicuique tribuat: Innocent II and the advance of the learned laws, Anne J. Duggan; The livery of loyalty: Innocent II and the Pallium, Steven A. Schoenig, S.J.; Innocent II and the liturgy, John F. Romano; Patronage of art and architecture, Dale Kinney; Index.

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