Politics, sociology and social theory

encounters with classical and contemporary social thought / A. Giddens
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Polity Press
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304 p.
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Preface. Introduction. 1. Politics and Sociology in the Thought of Max Weber. 2. Marx, Weber and the Development of Capitalism. 3. Durkheim as Political Sociology. 4. Durkheim and the Question of Individualism. 5. Comte, Popper and Positivism. 6. a Powera in the Writings of Talcott Parsons. 7. The Improbable Guru: Re--reading Marcuse. 8. Garfinkel, Ethnomethodology and Hermeneutics. 9. Habermas on Labour and Interaction. 10. Foucault, Nietzsche and Marx. Notes. Index
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