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Piroska and the Pantokrator

dynastic memory, healing and salvation in Komnenian Constantinople / edited by Marianne Saghy and Robert Ousterhout


Piroska and the Pantokrator

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Budapest, Hungary


Central European University Department of Medieval Studies : Central European University Press

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x, 348 pages


CEU medievalia ; 19

Сведения о содержании:

Greek Monasteries in Early Arpadian Hungary, p.11 / Marianne Saghy -- What did Piroska see at Home? New Trends in Art and Architecture in the Kingdon of Hungary aroun 1100, p.39 / Bela Zsolt Szakacs -- Diplomatic Relations between Hungary and Byzantium in the Eleenth-Twelft Centuries, p.63 / Atilla Barany -- Piroska-Eirene and the Komnenian Dynasty, p.97 / Michael Jeffreys -- Komnenian Empresses: From Powerful Mothers to Pious Wives, p.121 / Roberta Franchi -- Proska-Eirene, First Western Empress of Byzantium: Power and Perception, p.143 / Maximilian Lau -- The Many Faces of Pirosko-Eirene in Visual and Material Culture, p.153 / Christopher Mielke -- Imperial Women and Religious Foundations in Constantinople, p.175 / Elif Demirtiken -- To Each According to their Need: Medical and Charitable Institutions in the Pantokrator Monastery, p.195 / Taylor Wolford -- Piroska and the Pantokrator: Reassesing the Architectural Evidence, p.225 / Robert Ousterhout -- Piroska-Eirene and the Holy Theotokos, p.161 / Etele Kiss -- "A New Mixture of Two Powers:" Nicholas Kallikles and Theodore Prodromos on Empress Eirene, p.191 / Roman Shylyakhtin -- Ritual and Politics in the Pantokrator: A Lament in Two Acts for Eirene's Son, p.305 / Foteini Spingou -- Concluding Remarks, p.323 / Robert Ousterbout

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