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Pasión y gestión

claves del ciclo Macri en Boca / Mauricio Macri, Alberto Ballvé, Andrés Ibarra


Pasión y gestión

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Buenos Aires



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270 p.




Passion and management is the story of the most audacious innovation in the history of Argentine professional football. It demonstrates in a simple and attractive way that conceptual categories so far limited to the context of the company, such as entrepreneurship, mission and values, negotiation skills, sustainable successes, styles in delegation and control, can be applied profitably in various individual and collective projects. Mauricio Macri was president of Boca Juniors between 1995 and 2007. Under his administration, Boca won six national titles and ten international titles, and became a brand with worldwide projection, a leading example of sport management. Such sporting and institutional success is based on the management model that Macri put into practice, intelligently fusing the passion of the fan with the management of the entrepreneur. This book collects and analyzes that experience and is enriched with narrations in which Macri combines two of his own voices, that of the fanatic fan and that of the rational manager, and reveals juicy costume anecdotes.

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Кастильский испанский

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