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Order in the Universe

the Films of John Carpenter / R. Cumbow


Order in the Universe

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Scarecrow Press

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312 pages



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Cover; Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication Page; Table of Contents; Acknowledgments; 1. Stirrings; Introduction; 2. Sunrise; The Resurrection of Broncho Billy; 3. Let there be Light; Dark Star; 4. There are no Heroes any More; Assault on Precinct 13; Intermission: Zuma Beach and Eyes of Laura Mars; 5. It Was the Bogey Man; Halloween; Intermission: Halloween--The Sequels; 6. He's Controlling all of us; Someone's Watching me!; 7. There's a Reason for Everything; Elvis; 8. We're all Cursed; The Fog; 9. I Heard you were Dead; Escape from New York; 10. Trust is a Tough Thing to Come by. The Thing11. Rock 'n' Roll is here to Stay; Christine; 12. I Can't get no Satisfaction; Starman; Intermission: The Philadelphia Experiment and Black Moon Rising; 13. It's all in the Reflexes; Big Trouble in Little China; 14. Not what we had in Mind; Prince of Darkness; 15. Maybe they've been with Us all Along; They Live; 16. I Can't Believe I Survived that; Notes from a Talk with john Carpenter; 17. High Noon; El Diablo; 18. You're not Alone Anymore; Memoirs of an Invisible Man; 19. These Guys Crack me up; Body Bags; 20. We've Only just Begun; In the Mouth of Madness. 21. There are Going to be ChangesVillage of the Damned; 22. Sooner or Later they get Everybody; Escape from L.A; 23. Sunset; Vampires; Chronology; Filmography; Index; About the Author.

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