On the nature of prejudice

fifty years after Allport / ed. by J. F. Dovidio
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Dedication; Foreword; Preface; List of contributors; 1. Introduction - Reflecting on The Nature of Prejudice - Fifty Years after Allport - John F. Dovidio (University of Connecticut), Peter Glick (Lawrence University), and Laurie A. Rudman (Rutgers University); Part I - Preferential Thinking: 2. What is the Problem? Prejudice as an Attitude-in-Context - Alice H. Eagly (Northwestern University) and Amanda B. Diekman (Miami University); 3. Social Cognition and Prejudgment - Susan T. Fiske (Princeton University); 4. Ingroup Affiliations and Prejudice - Rupert Brown and Hanna Zagefka (both University of Sussex); 5. Categorization, Recategorization, and Intergroup Bias - Samuel L. Gaertner (University of Delaware) and John F. Dovidio (University of Connecticut); 6. Paternalism and the "Rejection" of Outgroups - Mary R. Jackman (University of California, Davis); 7. Rejection of Women? Beyond Prejudice as Antipathy - Laurie A. Rudman (Rutgers University); Part II - Group Differences: 8. Group Differences and Stereotype Accuracy - Charles M. Judd and Bernadette Park (both University of Colorado, Boulder); 9. The Psychological Impact of Prejudice - Brenda Major and S. Brooke Vick (both University of California, Santa Barbara).10. Mechanisms for Coping with Victimization - Self-Protection Plus Self-Enhancement - James M. Jones (University of Delaware); Part III - Perceiving and Thinking About Group Differences: 11. Cognitive Process - Reality Constraints and Integrity Concerns in Social Perception - Vincent Yzerbyt and Olivier Cornielle (both Catholic University of Louvain at Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium); 12. Linguistic Factors - Antilocutions, Ethnonyms, Ethnophaulisms, and Other Varieties of Hate Speech - Brian Mullen and Tirza Leader(both Syracuse University); 13. Stereotypes in Our Culture - John T. Jost (New York University) and David L. Hamilton (University of California, Santa Barbara).; Part IV - Sociocultural Factors: 14. Instrumental Relations Among Groups - Group Competition, Conflict, and Prejudice - Victoria M. Esses (University of Western Ontario), Lynne M. Jackson (King's University College at the University of Western Ontario), John F. Dovidio (University of Connecticut), and Gordon Hodson (University of Wales at Swansea); 15. Choice of Scapegoats - Peter Glick(Lawrence University); 16. Allport's Intergroup Contact Hypothesis - Its History and Influence - Thomas F. Pettigrew (University of California, Santa Cruz) and Linda R. Tropp (Boston College); 17. Intergroup Contact - When Does it Work, and Why? - Jared B. Kenworthy (University of Oxford), Rhiannon N. Turner (University of Oxford), Miles Hewstone (University of Oxford), Alberto Voci (University of Padova, Italy); Part V. Acquiring Prejudice: 18. Conformity and Prejudice - Christian S. Crandall (University of Kansas) and Charles Stangor (University of Maryland); 19. The Development of Prejudice in Childhood and Adolescence - Frances E. Aboud (McGill University); 20. Breaking the Prejudic
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