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On Sacks

Methodology, Materials, and inspirations / ed. by R. J. Smith, R. Fitzgerald, W. Housley


On Sacks

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X, 225 p.


Directions in ethnomethodology and conversation analysis



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1. On Sacks: Methodology, Materials, and InspirationsRobin James Smith, Richard Fitzgerald, William Housley2. Discovering SacksRod Watson3. Action, Meaning and Understanding: Seeing Sociologically with Harvey SacksMichael Mair and Wes Sharrock4. Sacks' Plenum: The Inscription of Social OrdersAndrew P. Carlin5. From Ethnosemantics to Occasioned Semantics: The Transformative Influence of Harvey SacksJack Bilmes6. Sacks, Categories, Language, and GenderElizabeth Stokoe, Bogdana Huma, Derek Edwards7. A Most Remarkable Fact, for All Intents and Purposes: The Practical Matter of Categorical TruthsJessica Robles8. Sacks: On Omni-relevance and the Layered Texture of InteractionRichard Fitzgerald9. Membership Categorization and the Sequential Multimodal Organisation of Action: Walking, Perceiving, and Talking in Material-spatial Ecologies Lorenza Mondada10. Revisiting Sacks's Work on Greetings: the "First Position" for GreetingsChristian Licoppe11. Sacks, Silence, and Self-(de)selectionEliot M. Hoey12. Using Observation as a Basis for Theorising: Children's Interaction and Social OrderSusan Danby13. Membership Categorisation and the Notion of "Omni-relevance" in Everyday Family InteractionsSara Keel14. Sacks and the Study of the Local Organisation of Second Language LessonsRicardo Moutinho15. Categorisation Practices, Place, and Perception: Doing Incongruities and the Commonplace Scene as 'Assembled Activity' Robin James Smith16. On Sacks and the Analysis of Racial Categories-in-ActionKevin A. Whitehead17. Harvey Sacks, Membership Categorisation, and Social MediaWilliam Housley

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