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African sculpture in archaeological context / ed. by P. Breunig



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Frankfurt am Main


Africa Magna Verlag

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303 p.



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Introduction / Peter Breunig --The big picture --Discovering worlds : distant lands in the eyes of the Greeks and Egyptians / Vinzenz Brinkmann --Africa and the Nok Culture period / Peter Breunig --The Nok region : a Savanna landscape and its history / Katharina Neumann and Alexa Höhn --Early iron in west and central Africa / Manfred K.H. Eggert, with a contribution by Nicole Rupp --Interpreting from within material culture : human and animal representations in archaeological context / Andreas Zimmermann --Art and profiteering --Looting of Nok Culture sites in Nigeria / Musa Oluwaseyi Hambolu --Making a living from Gunki / Umaru Yusuf Potiskum --History of research --Discovery and early research on the Nok Culture in Nigeria / Angela Fagg --My adventure with the Nok Culture / Joseph Jemkur --Research restarted : the Frankfurt Nok project / Peter Breunig --Time and place, finds and methods --How old is the Nok Culture? / Gabriele Franke and Peter Breunig --Well hidden and densely spread : the sites of the Nok Culture / Nicole Rupp --The chemistry of a Nok site / Klaus-Peter Nagel --Tradition and innovation / Nicole Rupp --When sherds speak : the pottery of the Nok Culture / Gabriele Franke --Millet and more : farming and food in the time of the Nok Culture / Alexa Höhn and Katharina Neumann --The terracotta sculptures --The Nok Culture's terracotta figures / Tanja M. Männel and Peter Breunig --Communing with the ancestors? : the mystery of Utak Kamuan Garaje Kagoro / Nicole Rupp --Smashed into countless sherds : the restoration of block H from the Nok site of Utak Kamuan Garaje Kagoro / Jasmin Munir and Stephan Ritter --Restoring the large Daji Gwana Nok sculpture / Birgit Frohreich --he clay's the thing / Christina Beck --Some thoughts on the purpose of the Nok sculptures / Peter Breunig --Beyond Nok --The neighbours of Nok / Muhammad K. Aliyu --Nok terracotta sculptures in the context of ancient Nigeria's art traditions / Yusuf Abdallah Usman.

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