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New worlds, lost worlds : the rule of the Tudors, 1485–1603

Susan Brigden
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New York



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433 p.


The Penguin history of Britain ; 5



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Prologue : new worlds, lost worlds -- Rather feared than loved : Henry VII and his dominions, 1485-1509 -- Family and friends : religion and society in early Tudor England -- Ways to reform : challenge to the church -- Imperium : Henry VIII and the Reformation in England, 1509-47 -- Bearing rule : the governors and the governed -- Rebuilding the temple : the reigns of Edward VI (1547-53) and Mary I (1553-8) -- "Perils many, great and imminent" : challenge of securing peace, 1558-70 -- Wars of religion : churches militant in England, Ireland and Europe, 1570-84 -- The enterprise of England : New World ventures and the coming of war with Spain in the 1580s -- The theatre of God's judgements : Elizabethan world views -- Court and camp : the last years of Elizabeth's reign -- Epilogue : lost worlds, new worlds.

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