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Некоторые аспекты десекуляризации в постсоветской России

А. Шишков


Некоторые аспекты десекуляризации в постсоветской России


The article deals with desecularization in post-Soviet Russia as a backlash of massive secularization in the Soviet Union. Author presents the analysis of the different aspects of secularization typical to communist countries such as «hyper-privatization of religion» and what he calls «distillation of the religious consciousness.» He then explores special features of religion’s revival in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet system. Finally, using the example of the Russian Orthodox Church, the author shows how, along with counter-secularization process, the religious institutions become this-worldly as they go out into the public space from religious ghetto.

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desecularization, distillation of the religious consciousness, hyper-privatization, orthodox church, russia, secularization, Soviet Union, гиперприватизация религии, десекуляризация, дистилляция религиозного сознания, обмирщение, православная церковь, россия, секуляризация, Советский Союз

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Государство, религия, Церковь в России и за рубежом. – 2012. – № 2. – С. 165–177.

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