Nationalist and racialist movements in Britain and Germany before 1914

ed. by P. Kennedy, A. Nicholls
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Macmillan in association with St Antony's College
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xi, 210 p.
St. Antony's/Macmillan series
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The pre-war Right in Britain and Germany / Paul Kennedy -- The revolt from the Right in Edwardian Britain / Geoffrey Searle -- Some thoughts on the nationalist pressure groups in imperial Germany / Geoff Eley -- The character of Edwardian nationalism / Anne Summers -- Anti-semitism / Gisela C. Lebzelter -- Roman Catholics, the Centre Party, and anti-semitism in imperial Germany / David Blackbourn -- The British imperialist intelligentsia and the Kaiserreich / Karl Kohe -- Racial theories of history and politics / Martin Woodroffe -- Treitschke's influence on the rise of imperialist and anti-British nationalism in Germany / Peter Winzen -- Jingoism and xenophobia in the electioneering strategies of British ruling elites before 1914 / Wilfried Fest -- The function of race in imperialist ideologies / Wolfgang Mock
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