a bridge across disciplines / edited by Purusottam Jena, A. Welford Castleman Jr.
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xv, 576 p.
Science & Technology of Atomic, Molecular, Condensed Matter & Biological systems
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Front Cover; Nanoclusters: A Bridge across Disciplines; Copyright; Contents; Preface; Chapter 1: Introduction to Atomic Clusters; Chapter 2: Clusters: An Embryonic Form of Crystals and Nanostructures; Chapter 3: Applications of the Cluster Method for Biological Systems; Chapter 4: Cluster Structures: Bridging Experiment and Theory; Chapter 5: Multiple Aromaticity, Multiple Antiaromaticity, and Conflicting Aromaticity in Planar Clusters; Chapter 6: Reactivity and Thermochemistry of Transition Metal Cluster Cations; Chapter 7: Hydrogen and Hydrogen Clusters Across Disciplines.Chapter 8: Laser Induced CrystallizationChapter 9: Superatoms: From Motifs to Materials; Chapter 10: Silica as an Exceptionally Versatile NanoscaleBuilding Material: (SiO2)NClusters to Bulk; Chapter 11: Uncovering New Magnetic Phenomena in Metal Clusters; Chapter 12: Metal Clusters, Quantum Dots, and Trapped Atoms: From Single-Particle Models to Correlation; Chapter 13: Tailoring Functionality of Clusters and Their Complexeswith Biomolecules by Size, Structures, and Lasers; Chapter 14: Interfacing Cluster Physics with Biology at the Nanoscale.Chapter 15: Dynamics of Biomolecules From First PrinciplesIndex
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