Monstrous nature

environment and horror on the big screen / R. L. Murray, J. K. Heumann
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University of Nebraska Press
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xxiii, 244 p.
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Introduction -- Part 1. Anthropomorphism and the "big bug" movie -- Hellstrom chronicle and Beetle Queen conquers Tokyo: anthropomorphizing nature for humans -- "As beautiful as a butterfly": monstrous cockroach nature and the horror film -- Part 2. Human ecology and the horror film -- The earth bites back: vampires and the ecological roots of home -- Through an eco-lens of childhood: Roberto Rossellini's Germany year zero and Guillermo del Toro's The devil's backbone -- Part 3. Evolution and monstrous nature -- Zombie evolution: a new world with or without humans -- Laughter and the eco-horror film: the Troma solution -- Parasite evolution in the eco-horror film: when the host becomes the monster -- Gendering the cannibal: bodies and landscapes in feminist cannibal movies -- American Mary and body modification: nature and the art of change -- Conclusion: monstrous nature and the new cli-fi cinema -- Filmography
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