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Молодёжные группировки – опыт пилотного исследования

А. Л. Салагаев, А. В. Шашкин

9 с.


"Youth gangs: a test study" (by Alexander Salagaev and Alexander Shashkin) looks into specific features developed by contemporary Russian youth gangs, or problem-ridden groups - stable street oriented groups of youngsters, whose group identity is constructed around illegal activities. Transition to market economy, as well as globalization impact led to substantial increase in choosing 'criminal' careers' by young people and to appearance of common and specifically criminal youth gangs of various types in Russia. The study is based of test survey among experts and school children conducted in the cities of Moscow and Kazan. Instruments used by Eurogang working groups were employed making data internationally comparable. Discussion centers on description and comparison of gangs in both cities, on definition of membership, and overall specifics of gangs in Russia as compared to Europe and the USA.

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Социологические исследования. – 2004. – № 9 (245). – С. 50–58.

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