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Modernity, modernization, and globalization

issues and challenges of the 21st century / ed. by Shahid M. Shahidullah


Modernity, modernization, and globalization

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New York


Nova Science Publishers

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xix, 290 p.


Political science and history



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Modernity, modernization, and globalization : towards a conceptual framework : editor's introduction / Shahid M. Shahidullah Modernity, religion and the church and state separation doctrine : issues and challenges of modernization and the culture war in America / Shahid M. Shahidullah America's global project on modernity : continuity, change, and challenges in the 21st century / Sahid M. Shahidullah Modernity, power, and politics : the issues and challenges of democracy in the 21st century (the rise of ultra-rights in global politics) / Shahid M. Shahidullah Modernity, economic change, and cultural values : nonlinear development of Central and East European post-socialist countries / Yuriy Savelyev Modernization, globalization, and transformations in gender equality : laws, social change, and women's rights in India / Sesha Kethineni, Serita Whiting and Colette B. Harris Women's modernity in Nigeria : change and transformations in law, politics, and culture / Dorothy Kersha-Aerga Islam, ethnicity, and modernity in Africa : colonial and post-colonial modernization in the West African state of Sierra Leone / Mohammed B. Sillah Modernity and global issues and challenges of religious liberty and tolerance : the case of South Asia (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh) / Shahid M. Shahidullah and Shyamal K. Das The modernity of the oppressed : chained repression among minority females in America's criminal justice system / Zina T. McGee Modernity and the birth of universal human rights : the evolution of legal status and cultural attitudes towards disability in America / Melody Brackett, Kim S. Downing and Deborah Riddick

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