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Mediating between concepts and grammar

ed. by Holden Härtl, Heike Tappe


Mediating between concepts and grammar

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Mouton de Gruyter

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VII, 465 p.


Trends in linguistics. Studies and monographs ; 143



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Heike Tappe and Holden Hartl: Mediating between concepts and language - Processing structures 1 Mediating between non-linguistic and linguistic structures: Femke van der Meulen: Coordination of eye gaze and speech in sentence production Philip Cummins, Boris Gutbrod, and Rudiger Weingarten: Time patterns in visual perception and written phrase production Kathy van Nice and Rainer Dietrich: Animacy effects in language production: From mental model to formulator Markus Guhe: Incremental preverbal messages Gerard Kempen and Karin Harbusch: Word order scrambling as a consequence of incremental sentence production Andreas Spath: The linearization of arguments DPs and its semantic reflection Heike Wiese: Semantics as a gateway to language 2 Mediating between event conceptualization and verbalization: Elke van der Meer, Reinhard Beyer, Herbert Hagendorf, Dirk Strauch, and Matthias Kolbe: Temporal relations between event concepts Ralf Nuse: Segmenting event sequences for speaking Maria Mercedes Pinango: Events: Processing and neurological properties Johannes Doelling: Aspectual (re-)interpretation: Structural representation and processing Markus Egg and Kristina Striegnitz: Type coercion from a natural language generation point of view 3 The mediating function of the lexicon: Veronika Ehrich: The thematic interpretation of plural nominalizations Andrea Schalley: Competing principles in the lexicon Ladina Tschander: Concepts of motion and their linguistic encoding Heidrun Dorgeloh and Anja Wanner: Too abstract for agents? The syntax and semantics of agentivity in abstracts of English research articles

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