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Making the invisible woman visible

Anne Firor Scott


Making the invisible woman visible

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University of Illinois Press

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xxvii, 387 p.



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pt. I. The biographical mode. Self-portraits : three women -- What, then, is the American : this New Woman? -- The ever-widening circle : the diffusion of feminist values from the Troy Female Seminary, 1822-72 -- Almira Lincoln Phelps : the self-made woman in the nineteenth century -- Jane Addams -- Heroines and heroine worship -- Making the invisible woman visible : an essay review -- Notable American women -- pt. II. The South. Women's perspective on the patriarchy in the 1850s -- Women, religion, and social change in the South, 1830-1930 -- The "New Woman" in the new South -- After suffrage : southern women in the 1920s -- Historians construct the southern woman -- pt. III. Voluntary associations. As easily as they breathe ... -- Women's voluntary associations in the forming of American society -- pt. IV. Lectures. Education of women : the ambiguous reform -- Getting to be a notable Georgia woman -- Old wives' tales -- Are we the women our grandmothers were? -- Education and the contemporary woman -- Woman's place is in the history books.

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