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Mad Men

dream come true TV / edited by Gary R. Edgerton


Mad Men

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I. B. Tauris

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xxxvi, 258 pages


Reading contemporary television



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pt. 1. Industry and authorship. The selling of Mad Men: a production history / Gary R. Edgerton --'If it's too easy, then usually there's something wrong': an interview with Mad Men's executive producer Scott Hornbacher / Brian Rose --Don Draper confronts the maddest men of the sixties: Bob Dylan and George Lois / Ron Simon --pt. 2. Visual and aural stylistics and influences. 'Smoke gets in your eyes': historicizing visual style in Mad Men / Jeremy G. Butler --Uneasy listening: music, sound, and criticizing Camelot in Mad Men / Tim Anderson --Suggestive silence in season one / Maurice Yacowar --pt. 3. Narrative dynamics and genealogy. Learning to live with television in Mad Men / Horace Newcomb --Space ships and time machines: Mad Men and the serial condition / Sean O'Sullivan --'The catastrophe of my personality': Frank O'Hara, Don Draper and the poetics of Mad Men / David Lavery --pt. 4. Sexual politics and gender roles : Mad women / Mimi White --Women on the verge of the second wave / Mary Beth Haralovich --The best of everything: the limits of being a working girl in Mad Men / Kim Akass and Janet McCabe --pt. 5. Cultural memory and the American dream. Men behaving as boys: the culture of Mad Men / William Siska --The strange career of Mad Men: race, paratexts and civil rights memory / Allison Perlman --Mad Men: a roots tale of the information age / David Marc --Creative team and cast list --Episode guide

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