London's burning

true adventures on the frontlines of punk, 1976–1977
Место издания:
Chicago, Ill.
Chicago Review Press
Дата издания:
xvi, 327 pages
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I Ain't Gonna Be History; The Great British Mistake; We're Going Down the Pub; The Boy Looked at Johnny; Back in the Garage with My Bullshit Detector; Finding Ways to Fill the Vacuum; Summer's Here and theTime Is Right ... ; School's Out Forever!; Snuffin' in a Babylon; A Riot of My Own; The Land of the Faint at Heart; Nightclubbing, We're Nightclubbing; I Was Saying, "Get Me Out of Here ... "; You Can't Say "Crap"on the Radio; Down in the Sewer; Pogo Dancing; Beat on the Brat; Dandy in the Underworld; Storm the gates of heaven; Long hot summer; Where monsters dwell, where creatures roam; Oh shit, there goes the charabanc; epilogue: The two sevens clash.
"This collection of vivid memories of concerts and cultural flash points focuses on what was happening on the streets and in the clubs, answering questions like What brought punks together with London's disenfranchised Rasta community? What made Teddy Boys-middle-aged men who dressed like 1950s rockers-hate punks so much that they roamed in packs looking for teenagers to beat up? What was it like to be in the now legendary Roxy Club?"--publisher.
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