Levinas and analytic philosophy

second-person normativity and the moral life / edited by Michael Fagenblat and Melis Erdur
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New York
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xi, 302 pages
Routledge research in phenomenology
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Preface: Analyzing Levinas Michael Fagenblat Part I. Second-Person NormativitySecond-Person Reasons: Darwall, Levinas, and the Phenomenology of Reason Steven G. CrowellThe Second Source of Normativity and its Implications for Reflective Endorsement: Levinas and Korsgaard Michael BarberGrounding and Maintaining AnswerabilityMichael FagenblatBuber, Levinas, and the I-Thou relationPatricia Meindl, Felipe Leon, and Dan ZahaviCommanding, Giving, Vulnerable: What is the Normative Standing of the Other in Levinas? James H. P. Lewis and Robert A. Stern Part II. Ethical Metaphysics The Concept of Truth in Levinas's Totality and InfinityMichael RoubachLevinas on the Second-Person Structure of Free WillKevin HouserPersonal KnowledgeSophie-Grace ChappellPart III. Ethics and moral philosophyDesire for the GoodFiona EllisLevinas, Tomasello, Strawson, Wallace: Reflections on Sociality and Morality Michael MorganRethinking Vulnerability in a Levinasian ContextDiane PerpichBetween Virtue Theory and the Theory of Subjectivity: Noddings's Care, Levinas's Responsibility, and Slote's ReceptivityGuoping ZhaoLevinasian "Ethics as a First Philosophy" in Analytic Philosophy Melis ErdurAgainst a Clear Conscience: A Levinasian Response to Williams' Challenge Soren Overgaard
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