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Knowledge matters

technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in innovation networks and knowledge clusters / ed. by Elias G. Carayannis, Piero Formica


Knowledge matters

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Palgrave Macmillan

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xix, 267 pages



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Introduction; Elias Carayannis and Piero Formica Knowledge Transfer Mechanisms From Universities and Other HEIs to the SME Sector; Piero Formica (with the contributions of Professor Urmas Varblane and Toebis Mets) Mesoeconomic Structure, Innovation and Complexity: The Concept of Mesoeconomic Plexus; George Chorafakis, Patrice Laget Technological Knowledge Through the Looking Glass: Distributed Cognition and Co-Adaptation In Mesoeconomic Plexuses; George Chorafakis and Patrice Laget Evolution of the Bangalore ICT Cluster: A Stage Theory Based on Crystal Growth Model; Mathew J Manimala A Model of an Innovation System with a Position Regulation of Science and Technology Parks Within Innovation Networks; Holger Graf And Randolf Margull Knowledge Appropriation and The Complexity of Regional Innovation Systems: A Conceptual Precursor to Simulation; Michael Provance Product Innovation as Micro-Strategy: The 'Innovation-Based Diversification' View; Seppo Hanninen and Ilkka Kauranen 'The Strength of Strong Ties' - University Spin-offs and the Significance of Historical Relations; Mattias Johansson, Merle Jacob And Tomas Hellstrom Patent Strength and Diminishing Knowledge Spillovers: The Quest for the Optimal Patent; Andreas Panagopoulos Consumer Learning Roadmap: New Buzzword or Necessary Tool? Seppo Hanninen And Birgitta Sandberg Knowledge Economy-New Trends of Economy Of The 21st Century; Wu Jisong

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