Kinship studies in Papua New Guinea

ed. by R. D. Shaw
Место издания:
Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea
Summer Institute of Linguistics
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246 p.
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Introduction / R. Daniel Shaw --1. Cultural collision : a Korafe search for identity / Cynthia J.M. Farr --2. The semantics of Barai Kinship and social organization / Michael L. Olson --3. The nature of Kunimaipa kinship terms / Alan R. Pence --4. Waffa social structure : the individual in the group / Joyce Hotz, Mary Stringer --5. Baruya kith and kin / Richard Lloyd --6. Notes on Awa kinship terminology / Richard Loving --7. A brief note on kinship and social groupings among the Usarufa / Darlene Bee --8. The social hierarchy of the Bena-Bena / Rosemary Young --9. Alamblak kinsmen : to give is better than to receive (and you'll get it back) / Leslie P. Bruce, Jr. --10. Au social relations ... and please behave / David P. Scorza --11. Social structure of the Sepik Iwam / Judith Rehburg --12. The geographical distribution of Samo relationship terms : where have all the women gone? / R. Daniel Shaw.
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