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Jacques Lacan

E. Roudinesco ; transl. by Barbara Bray


Jacques Lacan

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New York


Columbia University Press

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574 p.


European perspectives



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pt. I. Father Figures. 1. Vinegar Merchants. 2. Faces on the Ward. 3. Psychiatry Teachers -pt. II. Crazy Ladies. 4. The Story of Marguerite. 5. In Praise of Paranoia. 6. Reading Spinoza. 7. The Papin Sisters -pt. III. Man's Estate. 8. Private Life and Public Life. 9. Fascism: The End of the Viennese Epic. 10. The Philosophy School: Alexandre Koyre and Others. 11. Marienbad -pt. IV. Family Histories. 12. Georges Bataille and Co. 13. Between Lucien Febvre and Edouard Pichon -pt. V. War and Peace. 14. Marseilles, Vichy, Paris. 15. Thoughts on Human Freedom. 16. Double Life. 17. An Unsatisfactory Encounter with Melanie Klein -pt. VI. Elements of a System of Thought. 18. Theory of Treatment: Kinship Structures. 19. A Resounding Tribute to Martin Heidegger. 20. Intersecting Fates: Jacques Lacan and Francoise Dolto. 21. The Symposium and the Storm. 22. Structure and the Name-of-the-Father -pt. VII. The Power and the Glory. 23. Dialogue with Louis Althusser. 24. "I hereby found ... ": Kant with Sade. 25. The Ecrits: Portrait of an Editor. 26. Revolution: Jean-Paul Sartre and Jacques Lacan, Alternate Contemporaries -pt. VIII. In Search of the Absolute. 27. Oriental Yearnings and a Series of Bereavements. 28. Mathemes and Borromean Knots. 29. Psychoanalysis Reduced to Zero. 30. Tomb for a Pharaoh -pt. IX. Legacies. 31. History of The Seminar. 32. Freudian France: The State of Play -App. A. Members of the International Psychoanalytical Association (1993) -App. B. IPA: World Distribution -App. C. IPA Congresses (1908-1993) -App. D. Societies and Groups Not Belonging to the IPA -App. E. Principal Reviews Established After 1985 -App. F. Bibliography for Jacques Lacan's Article on the Family for the Encyclopedie francaise (1938) -App. G. Jacques Lacan's Report Card -App. H. Facsimile of Lacan's Corrections to "Discours de cloture des journees sur les psychoses de l'enfant" -App. I. Genealogy.

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