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Investigating Shrek

power, identity, and ideology / edited by A. Lacassagne, T. Nieguth, F. Dépelteau


Investigating Shrek

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New York


Palgrave Macmillan

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xi, 190 s.



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Through the looking glass: Shrek in perspective; A.Lacassagne, T.Nieguth , & F.Depelteau Shrek in the classroom Representing political regimes in the Shrek trilogy; A.Lacassagne Big (and green) is better: Shrek and female body image; M.Ryan Green consciousness: Earth-based myth and meaning in Shrek ; J.Caputi 'Happiness is just a teardrop away': A Neo-Marxist interpretation of Shrek ; A.Spencer, J.Renner & A.Kruck Shrek in context The mouse is dead, long live the ogre: Shrek and the boundaries of transgression; D.Downes & J.Madeley Kantian cosmopolitanism and the DreamWorkification of the next generation; M .Vardalos An evolutionary psychological perspective on Shrek and Fiona; G.Brewer Shrek as a non-human transactor and social movements; F .Depelteau Potholes of knowledge: The politics of studying Shrek ; T.Nieguth Filmography

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