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essays on Richard Powers / ed. by Stephen J. Burn and Peter Dempsey



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Dalkey Archive Press

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XXXIX, 334 p.



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August Sander and Three farmers on their way to a dance / Anca Cristofovici -- Stepping into history : Prisoner's dilemma / Sven Birkerts -- Just behind the billboard : the instability of Prisoner's dilemma / Scott Hermanson -- Thirty two short paragraphs about The gold bug variations / Barry Lewis -- The rhetoric of the genetic post card : writing and reading in The gold bug variations / Patti White -- Richard Powers's ghosts / Stephen J. Burn -- Passionate pathography : narrative as pharmakon in Operation wandering soul / David Cowart -- The sufficiency of code : Galatea 2.2 and the necessity of embodiment / Jon Adams -- Astride the two cultures : a letter to Richard Powers, updated / Daniel C. Dennett -- The business of Gain / Paul Maliszewski -- Powers world : refuge and reentry in Plowing the dark / Trey Strecker -- Little knots, tied in the clothing of time : The time of our singing as a dual-time narrative / Joseph Dewey -- To find the soul, it is necessary to lose it : neuroscience, disability, and the epigraph to The echo maker / Jenell Johnson -- Afterthoughts on The echo maker / Joseph Tabbi -- The story of the self : The echo maker and neurological realism / Charles B. Harris -- Powers of the facsimile : a Turing test on science and literature / Bruno Latour -- Narrating technology / Carter Scholz -- Making the rounds / Richard Powers.

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