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International perspectives on the design of technology-supported learning environments

ed. by S. Vosniadou, E. D. Corte


International perspectives on the design of technology-supported learning environments

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X, 396 p.



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Contents: Preface. R. Glaser, E.L. Ferguson, S. Vosniadou, Introduction: Cognition and the Design of Environments for Learning. rtI: resentation.S. Vosniadou, Learning Environments for Representational Growth and Cognitive Flexibility. J. Bliss, xternalizing hinking hrough Modeling: ESRC Tools for Exploratory Learning Research Program. R. Kozma, J. Russell, T. Jones, N. Marx, . Davis, The se of ultiple, Linked Representations to Facilitate Science Understanding. B. Schwarz, M.J. Nathan, L.B. Resnick, cquisition of eaning for rithmetic Structures with the Planner. K. Reusser, From Cognitive Modeling to the Design of Pedagogical ools. E. Lehtinen, . Repo, ctivity, Social Interaction, and Reflective Abstraction: Learning Advanced Mathematical Concepts in a omputer Environment. E. e Corte, hanging Views of Computer-Suppported Learning Environments for the Acquistion of Knowledge and hinking Skills. Part II: ocial nteraction.M. Scardamalia, C. Bereiter, Adaptation and Understanding: A Case for New Cultures of chooling. P. Dillenbourg, istributing ognition Over Humans and Machines. G. Kanselaar, G. Erkens, Interactivity in Cooperative roblem Solving with Computers. . orney-Purta, onceptual Change Among Adolescents Using Computer Networks and Peer Collaboration in tudying International Political ssues. Part III: eaningful Contexts and Multiple Perspectives.J.D. Bransford et al., MOST nvironments for Accelerating Literacy evelopment. S.R. oldman t al., Anchoring Science Instruction in Multimedia Learning nvironments. Cognition and Technology Group at anderbilt, Multimedia nvironments for Enhancing Learning in Mathematics. H. Mandl, H. ruber, A. Renkl, Learning to Apply: From School arden Instruction" to echonolgy-Based Learning Environments. P. Mendelsohn, Mapping odels of Cognitive Development to Design rinciples of Learning nvironments. Part IV: Principles of System Design.A. Collins, Design ssues for Learning Environments. G. alomon, Studying Novel earning Environments as Patterns of Change

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