Innovation in byzantine medicine

the writings of John Zacharias Aktouarios (c.1275-c.1330) / P. Bouras-Vallianatos
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Oxford University Press
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XVIII, 342 p.
Oxford Studies in Byzantium
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Frontmatter List of Figures List of Tables Note to the Reader 1: Introduction 2: On Urines: Byzantine Uroscopy between Tradition and Innovation 3: On Urines: The Physician and his Patients 4: Medical Epitome: A Handbook for Philiatroi ('Amateur Physicians') 5: Medical Epitome: Assembling Pharmacological Knowledge in Late Byzantium 6: On Psychic Pneuma: John's Advice on How to Lead a Healthy Life 7: Conclusion Appendices 1. Glossary of Medical Terms 2. Accounts of Urine Colour in Theophilos' On Urines and John's On Urines 3. John's Diagram of the Urine Vial in his On Urines 4. Treatment of Eye Affections and Scirrhus in John's Medical Epitome, Book Four 5. The Manuscripts of the Medical Epitome 6. Chapter Titles of Johns Medical Epitome, Books Three and Four, and List of Recipes of Books Five and Six Endmatter Bibliography Index Rerum et Nominum Index Locorum Index Codicum Manu Scriptorum
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