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In Samuel's image child oblation in the Early Medieval West

Mayke De Jong


In Samuel's image child oblation in the Early Medieval West

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Köln Brill

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360 S.


Brill's studies in intellectual history ; Vol. 12



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AbbreviationsIntroductionI. Child Oblation: Its Early History1. Early Monasticism2. Child Oblation in Benedict's Rule3. The Rule and Other Rules4. Oblation in the Visigothic Realm5. Missionaries and Child OblationII. Carolingian Law and Child Oblation1. 'God's Precept and Our Decree'2. Legislation on Child Oblation3. The Commemoration: Smaragdus and Hildemar4. Child Oblation as a Source of ConflictIII. Registration and Commemoration1. The Petitia of 8172. The Profession Book of St Gall3. The Register of Rheims4. The Noticia of San Salvatore/Santa Giulia5. Oblates and Novices in Corvey6. Child Oblation and CommemorationIV. Monasticism and Child Recruitment1. Nutriti and Conversi2. Oblates, Purity and Priesthood3. Claustrum versus Saeculum: Hildemar on Child Rearing4. V. Models and Rituals of Child Oblation1. Biblical Models2. Votum3. Oblation and Mass4. Rituals of Oblation5. The Significance of the Oblation RitualVI. Commendatio and Oblatio1. Ritualising hild Oblation2. Commeendation, Conversion and the Court3. Educating for God: Parents, Godparents and Foster Parents4. Familiaritas5. Spiritual and Natural Kinship6. Keeping while GivingVII. Child Oblation and the State1. The School of the Lord's Service2. The Formation of An Elite: Scholastici3. Monastic: Stability and the State4. Invitus et Coactus: Monastic PrisonersVIII. Childeren as Gifts: A Conclusion1. Gifts and 'Pure Gifts'2. Who controlled the Gifts? 3. Children as HolocaustaEpilogueBibliographyIndex

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