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High on God

how megachurches won the heart of America / J. K. Wellman, K. E. Corcoran, K. J. Stockly


High on God

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New York


Oxford University Press

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327 p.

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Preface: Am I High on God?AcknowledgementsPart I: Desire is the Heart of Religion1. Megachurch the Drug that Works2. The Problem of Cooperation and Homo Duplex3. Interaction Rituals and Embodied Choice Theory4. Defining Religion: The Profane and the Sacred5. Megachurch: An American Original (Almost)6. Congregations in a Time of ChangePart II: Pistons of Desire and Power: Cracking the Megachurch Code7. The Micro-Sociology of Interaction Rituals within Megachurches8. Desire for Acceptance and Belonging9. Desire for WOW or Hacking the Happy10. Desire for a Reliable Leader11. Desire for Deliverance12. Desire for Purpose in Service13. Desire to Re-memberPart III: The Dark Side of American Megachurches: How They Blind and Bind 14. Dissecting Megachurch Scandals15. Conclusion: Havens of Health or Habitats for the Prosperity Gospel?Postscript from the PewsAppendix A: Megachurch Data and MethodsAppendix B: How is God "like a Drug"?: Exploring the Evolution of Social Affects and OxytocinAppendix C: Megachurch ScandalsReferencesIndex

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