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Green parties in transition

the end of grass-roots democracy? / ed. by E. G. Frankland [et al.]


Green parties in transition

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Contents: Preface, BenoA (R)t Rihoux, Paul Lucardie and E. Gene Frankland; Part 1 Introduction: From amateur-activist to professional-electoral parties? On the organizational transformation of Green parties in Western democracies, Paul Lucardie and BenoA (R)t Rihoux. Part 2 Green Parties with National Governmental Experience: The evolution of the Greens in Germany: from amateurism to professionalism, E. Gene Frankland; The French Greens: changes in activist culture and practices in a constraining environment, Bruno Villalba; The Finnish Greens: from 'alternative' grass-roots movement(s) to a governmental party, Jukka Paastela; Belgium: Ecolo and Agalev (Groen!): 2 institutionalized Green parties with parallel but different stories, Jo Buelens and Pascal Delwit; The Irish Greens, George Taylor and Brendan Flynn. Part 3 Green Parties with a National Parliamentary Relevance: Switzerland: the Green Party, alternative and liberal Greens, Andreas Ladner and Michael BrAndle; Struggling to become competitive: the organizational evolution of the Austrian Greens, Volkmar Lauber; Sweden: MiljApartiet de GrAna, Jon Burchell; Amateurs and professional activists: De Groenen and GroenLinks in the Netherlands, Paul Lucardie and Gerrit Voerman. Part 4 Green Parties with Little or No National Parliamentary Presence: Experimental evolution down under: 30 years of Green Party development in Australia and New Zealand, Christine Dann; Green party organization in Britain: change and continuity, Wolfgang RA1/4dig; The Canadian Greens: veering away from grassroots democracy so soon?, Jacqueline Sharp and Anita Krajnc; Greens in the USA, John C. Berg. Part 5 Conclusion: Conclusion: the metamorphosis of amateur-activist newborns into professional-activist centaurs, BenoA (R)t Rihoux and E. Gene Frankland; Index.

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