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Globalization and self-determination

is the nation state under siege? / ed. by D. R. Cameron [et al.]


Globalization and self-determination

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353 p.


Routledge studies in the modern world economy ; 58



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Trade, political institutions and the size of government / David R. Cameron and Soo Yeon Kim -Public opinion, international economic integration and the welfare state / Kenneth Scheve and Matthew J. Slaughter --Economic insecurity and the globalization of production / Kenneth Scheve and Matthew J. Slaughter --The international monetary fund and the global spread of privatization / Nancy Brune, Geoffrey Garrett and Bruce Kocut --The MDBs and the nation-state / Gustav Ranis --The political impact of WTO membership in urban China / Mary C. Cooper and Pierre F. Landry --Temptation versus coercion : trade agreements and the nation-state / Philip I. Levy --Globalization, decentralization and secession : a review of the literature and some conjectures / Nicholas Sambanis --Economic integration and political separatism : parallel trends or causally linked processes? / Annalisa Zinn --Globalization and ethnonationalist movements : evidence from Spain and India / Meredith L. Weiss --Globalization and fiscal decentralization / Geoffrey Garrett and Jonathan Rodden --Recentralizing while decentralizing : how national governments re-appropriate forest resources / Arun Agrawal and Jesse C. Ribot.

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