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From Athens to Chartres

neoplatonism and medieval thought : studies in honour of Edouard Jeauneau / edited by Haijo Jan Westra


From Athens to Chartres

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E. J. Brill

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xxx, 521 pages


Studien und Texte zur Geistesgeschichte des Mittelalters ; Bd. 35



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La genèse du porche nord de Chartres / Yves Christe, Pascale Fesquet --Evidence that Dubthachs Priscian codex once belonged to Eriugena / Paul Edward Dutton, Pascale Fesquet --Yet more on the autograph of John the Scot: MS Bamberg Ph. 2/2 and its place in Periphyseon tradition / Lesley Smith --The growth of an idea / Mark Zier --Knowledge of Plato's Timaeus in the ninth century: the implications of Valenciennes, Bibliothèque Municipale MS 293 / Rosamunde McKitterick --Israel the Grammarian in Anglo-Saxon England / Michael Lapidge --Augustin, Quaestio de Ideis: les affinités plotiniennes / Jean Pépin --Pseudo-Dionysius, Neoplatonism and the weakness of the soul / John M. Rist --Proclus, les muses et l'amour des livres à Athènes au Ve siècle / Henry Dominique Saffrey OP --Contrasting approaches to Neoplatonic immaterialism: Augustine and Eriugena / John J. O'Meara --Jean Scot et la logique des propositions contraires / Guy-H. Allard --Vita, anima, corpus spirituale: ein Vorschlag zur Interpretation von Periphyseon II cap. 36-39 und V col. 978B-994B / Gangolf Schrimpf --Eléments philosophiques dans l'Elementarium de Papias / Gilbert Dahan --La question de la matière chez Gilbert de Poitiers / Jean Jolivet --Omnibus convenit Platonicis: an appendix to Adelard of Bath's Quaestiones naturales / Charles Burnett --Hic sensilis mundus: Calcidius and Eriugena in Honorius Augustudunensis / Robert D. Crouse --Beauty and the beasts: allegorical zoology in twelfth-century hexaemeral literature / Wanda Cizewski --Abelard's ethical theory: two definitions from the Collationes / John Marenbon --Moderation and restraint in ascetic practices in the Middle Ages / Giles Constable --Between damnation and restoration: the dynamics of human nature in Eriugena's Periphyseon and Alan of Lille's Anticlaudianus / Willemien Otten --The essence, power and presence of God: fragments of the history of an idea, from Neopythagoreanism to Peter Abelard / P.L. Reynolds --Platonic-Christian allegories in the homilies of Hildegard of Bingen / Peter Dronke --L'Asclepius ermetico nel secolo XII / Paolo Lucentini --Oú sont les muses d'antan? Notes for a study of the Muses in the Middle Ages / Tanja Kupke --La voix créatrice de Dieu: remarques sur l'Alphabetum de Heimeric de Campo / Zenon Kaluza

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