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Friendship and happiness

across the life-span and cultures / ed. M. Demir


Friendship and happiness

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XII, 319 p.



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Part I. Perspectives on Friendship and Happiness.- Chapter 1. Friendship and Happiness from a Philosophical Perpective; Sandra Lynch.- Chapter 2. Friendship and Happiness from a Sociological Perspective; Silvana Greco, Mary Holmes and Jordan McKenzie.- Chapter 3. Friends and Happiness: An Evolutionary Perspective on Friendship; David Lewis, Laith Al-Shaway, Eric M. Russell and David M. Buss.- Chapter 4. Friendship and Happiness: A Bidirectional Dynamic Process; Lina Maria Saldarriaga, William Bukowski and Carolina Greco.- Part II. Friendship and Happiness across the Lifespan: Reviews of the Literature.- Chapter 5. Children's Friendship and Positive Well-Being; Mark Holder and Ben Coleman.- Chapter 6. Friendship and Happiness in Adolescence; Catherine L. Bagwell, Karen P. Kochel and Michelle E. Schmidt.- Chapter 7. Friendship and Happiness among Young Adults; Meliksah Demir, Haley Orthel, Metin OEzdemir and Sevgi OEzdemir.- Chapter 8. Friendship and Happiness among Middle-Aged Adults; Katherine L. Fiori and Christy A. Denckla.- Chapter 9. Friendship and Happiness in the Third Age; Rebecca Adams and Emily M. Taylor.- Chapter 10. Cross-Sex Friendship and Happiness; Amanda Procsal, Meliksah Demir, Aysun Dogan, Ayca OEzen and Nebi Sumer.- Chapter 11. Social Media, Friendship and Happiness in the Millennial Generation; Adriana M. Manago and Lanen Vaughn.- Part III. Friendship and Happiness across Cultures.- Chapter 12. Friendship and Happiness in Navajos (Bik'ei Dine Baa' Hozho); Angela A.A. Willeto.- Chapter 13. Friendship and Happiness in Latin America: A Review; Agnaldo Garcia, Fabio Nogueira Pereira and Maria Daniela Correa de Macedo.- Chapter 14. Family, Friends and Subjective Well-Being: A Comparison between the West and Asia; Tianyuan Li and Sheung-Tak Cheng.- Chapter 15. Attachment Avoidance Harms Friendship Quality and Life Satisfaction among Turkish Children; Nebi Sumer.- Chapter 16. How Are Positve and Negative Peer Relations Related to Positive and Negative Affect in Adolescents over Time? (New Zealand); Paul E. Rose.- Chapter 17. Friendship, Needs Satisfaction and Happiness among College Students in France and Lebanon; Meliksah Demir, Frederique Cuisiner and Brigitte Khoury.- Chapter 18. I Am So Happy 'Cause My Best Friend Is There for Me When Things Are Go Right: Friendship and Happiness among Emerging Adults in Algeria and Slovakia; Meliksah Demir, Mustapha Achoui and Jaromir Simonek.

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