Формирование качества воды Горьковского и Чебоксарского водохранилищ

М. Ю. Кочеткова
Appropriateness of formation and transformation of the chemical content of water mass of Gorky and Cheboksar reservoirs under the influence of forthcoming pollutions are studied. Pressure to the reservoirs by phosphorus is evaluated. On the base of mathematical modeling interannual variability of hydrological structure in the river's and lake's part of Gorky reservoir are revealed. Regionalization of reservoirs in accordance to the complex of hydrochemical indexes is made. Expected change of water mineralization in the different parts of Cheboksar reservoir in case of increase of its level is shown.
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Известия РАН. Серия географическая. – : Российская академия наук, 2010. – № 2. – С. 100–111.
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