Formations of European modernity

a historical and political sociology of Europe / Gerard Delanty
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Palgrave Macmillan
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XII, 337 p.
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Introduction: A Theoretical Framework PART I: SOURCES OF THE EUROPEAN HERITAGE 1. The European Inter-Civilizational Constellation 2. The Greco-Roman and Judaic Legacies 3. Christianity in the Making of Europe 4. The Byzantine Legacy and Russia 5. The Islamic World and Islam in Europe PART II: THE EMERGENCE OF MODERNITY 6. The Renaissance and the Rise of the West Revisited 7. Unity and Division in Early Modern European History: The Emergence of a Westernized Europe 8. The Enlightenment and European Modernity: The Rise of the Idea of Europe 9. The Rise of the Nation-State and the Allure of Empire: Between Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism 10. The Historical Regions of Europe: Civilizational Backgrounds and Multiple Routes to Modernity 11. Europe in the Short Twentieth Century: Conflicting Projects of Modernity PART III: THE PRESENT AND ITS DISCONTENTS 12. Europe Since 1989: Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism and Globalization 13. Age of Austerity: Contradictions of Capitalism and Democracy 14. The European Heritage as a Conflict of Interpretations Conclusion: Europe - a Defence
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