Focality and extension in kinship

essays in memory of Harold W. Scheffler / ed. by W. Shapiro
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ANU Press
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409 p.
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Part I. Introduction: Hal Scheffler’s Extensionism in Historical Perspective and its Relevance to Current Controversies / Warren Shapiro and Dwight Read --Part II: The Battle Joined. Hal Scheffler Versus David Schneider and His Admirers, in the Light of What We Now Know About Trobriand Kinship / Warren Shapiro --Extension Problem: Resolution Through an Unexpected Source / Dwight Read --Part III: Ethnographic Explorations of Extensionist Theory. Action, Metaphor and Extensions in Kinship / Andrew Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart --Should I Stay or Should I Go? Hunter-Gatherer Networking Through Bilateral Kin / Russell D. Greaves and Karen L. Kramer --Properties of Kinship Structure: Transformational Dynamics of Suckling, Adoption and Incest / Fadwa El Guindi --Of Mothers, Adoption and Orphans: The Significance of Relatedness in a Remote Aboriginal Community / Victoria Katherine Burbank --Part IV: Extensionist Theory and Culture History. Enhancing the Kinship Anthropology of Scheffler with Diachronic Linguistics and Centricity / Patrick McConvell --Part V: Questioning Extensionist Theory. Why Do Societies Abandon Cross-Cousin Marriage? / Robert Parkin --Toward Reinvigorating an Ethnolinguistic Approach to the Study of ‘Kin Terms’: A View from Nascent-based Zuni Relational Terminology / Linda K. Watts --Part VI: Extensionist Theory and Human Biology. Creeping Plants and Winding Belts: Cognition, Kinship, and Metaphor / Bojka Milicic --Kinship in Mind: Three Approaches / Doug Jones --Do Women Really Desire Casual Sex? Analysis of a Popular Adult Online Dating/Liaison Site / Michelle Escasa-Dorne and William Jankowiak.
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