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Fighting with Gandhi

Mark Juergensmeyer


Fighting with Gandhi

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San Francisco


Harper & Row

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IX, 182 p.



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pt. 1. The Gandhian fight. Fighting a Gandhian fight -- Why fight at all? -- How do you know when you're right? -- Violence : the breakdown of a fight -- What to do with a recalcitrant opponent -- The weapon : the goal itself -- The power of noncooperation -- Fighting a very big fight -- How do you know when you've won? -- Some basic rules -- pt. 2. Case studies. Looking a cases -- A family feud -- The endangered employees -- A lonely decision -- A battle against nuclear weapons -- A tragic resistance -- pt. 3. Some small quarrels. Conversations in the mind -- Can violence ever be justified? Gandhi v. Marx -- Can anger be true? Gandhi v. Freud -- Is a force of love realistic? Gandhi v. Niebuhr -- Was Gandhi always a Gandhian? Monandas v. the Mahatma -- The issues that remain

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