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Ethnomethodology's program

working out Durkeim's aphorism / H. Garfinkel ; ed. by A. Warfield Rawls


Ethnomethodology's program

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Lanham, Md.


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

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xiii, 299 p.

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Chapter 1 The Pleasure of Garfinkel's Indexical Ways Chapter 2 Editor's Introduction Chapter 3 Author's Introduction Chapter 4 Authors Acknowledgements As An Autobiographical Account Part 5 I What is Ethnomethodology? Chapter 6 1 Central Claims to Ethnomethodology Chapter 7 2 EM Studies and Their Formal Analytic Alternates Chapter 8 3 Rendering Theorems Chapter 9 4 Tutorial Problems Chapter 10 5 Ethnomethodological Policies and Methods Part 11 II Instructed Action Chapter 12 6 Instructions and Instructed Actions Chapter 13 7 A Study of the Work of Teaching Undergraduate Chemistry in Lecture Format Chapter 14 8 Autochthonous Order Properties of Formatted Queues Chapter 15 9 An Ethnomethodological Study of the Work of Galileo's Inclined Plane Demonstration of the Real Motion of Free Falling Bodies

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