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Empirical approaches to social representations

ed. by G. M. Breakwell, D. Canter


Empirical approaches to social representations

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Clarendon Press

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XIV, 344 p.


Oxford Science Publications



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1. Empirical contributions to the study of social representations ; 2. Studying the thinking society: social representations, rhetoric, and attitudes ; 3. Studying social representations in children: just old wine in new bottles? ; 4. An ethnographic approach to social representations ; 5. Vikings! Children's social representations of history ; 6. Discourse analysis and social representations ; 7. Debating social representations ; 8. The problems of investigating social representations : linguistic parallels ; 9. Integrating paradigms, methodological implications ; 10. The descriptive analyses of shared representations ; 11. The lattice of polemic social representations: a comparison of the social representations of occupations in favelas, public housing, and middle-class neighbourhoods of Brazil ; 12. Finding social representations in attribute checklists: how will we know when we have found one? ; 13. Multidimensional scaling as a technique for the exploration and description of a social representation ; 14. The meaning of work for young people: the role of parents in the transmission of a social representation ; 15. Social representations of mental illness: naive and professional perspectives ; Epilogue: Methodological contributions to the theory of social representations ; Index

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