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Economic Essay in Honour of Gustav Cassel


Economic Essay in Honour of Gustav Cassel

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Allen & Unwin

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720 p.

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Ȧkerman, Johan. Saving in the depression. --Amonn, Alfred. Begriffliches und grundsätzliches zur wert- und preislehre. --Angell, J.W. Monetary control and general business stabilization. --Brisman, Sven. Some reflections on the theory of foreign exchange. --Clark, J.M. The proposal for a composite commodity currency. --Commons, J.R. Materialistic, psychological, institutional economics. --Douglas, P.H. Some new material on the theory of distribution. --Dupriez, L.H. Les étapes de l'adaptation économique à une inflation soudaine: France et Belgique de 1919 à 1926. --Einaudi, Luigi. The physiocratic theory of taxation. --Englis̆, Karel. Der kostenbegriff. --Fanno, Marco. Il punto critico della defiazione. --Frisch. Ragnar. Propagation problems and impulse problems in dynamic economics. --Fubini, Renzo. La visione dei fenomeni finanziari nell' opera di Gustav Cassel. --Graham, F.D. Economic theory and unemployment. --Gregory, T.E. Economic theory and human liberty. --Hansen, A.H. The maintenance of purchasing power. --Helander, Sven. Die innere geschlossenheit des wirtschaftspolitischen systems. --Hilgerdt, Folke. Foreign trade and the short business cycle. --Hollander, J.H. American public opinion and war debts. --Keilhau. Wilhelm. The equation of paymnets. --Kemmerer, E.W. The gold exchange standard. --Knight, F.H. Capitalistic production, time and the rate of return. --Kock, Karin. Paper currency and monetary policy in Sweden. --Landry, Adolphe. La révolution démographique. --Laufenburger, Henry. L'évolution particulière de la crise en France. --Lescure, Jean. Prix, monnaie et crédit. --Lindahl, Erik. The concept of income. --Loveday, A. Financial organization and the price level. --Macgregor, D.H. Enterprise and the trade cycle. --Myrdal, Gunnar. Industrialization and population. --Neisser, Hans. Öffentliche kapitalanlagen in ihrer wirkung auf den beschäftigungsgrad. --Ohlin, Bertil. A note on price theory with special reference to interdependence and time. --Patterson, E.M. The United States and the world economy. --Pedersen, J. Economic stabilization. --Pipping, H.E. The concept standard of life. --Porri, Vincent. I legami internazionali nei prezzi tra paesi con o senza tipo aureo. --Rappard, W.E. Esquisse de l'évolution budgetaire de la Confédération suisse. --Röpke, Wilhelm. Die sekundäre krise und ihre überwindung. --Seligman, E.R.A. The co-ordination of public revenues. --Simiand, François. Quelques remarques sur l'évolution économique internationale et les grandes fluctuations monétaires. --Snyder, Carl. Measurement versus theory in economics. --Stamp, J.C. The monetary question in Great Britain. --Verryn Stuart, G.M. Das reflationsproblem im lichte der theorie des "neutralen" geldes. --Suviranta. Br. "The shiftability theory" of bank liquidity. --Valk, W.L. The relation between partial overproduction and general depression. --Varga, Stefan. Bemerkungen zu den problemen von aufbringung und transfer. --Vecchio, Gustavo del. La teoria della monenta secondo W. Launhardt. --Zeuthen, F. Public price policy. --Bagge, Gösta. Wages and unemployment in Sweden, 1920-1930. --Heckscher, E.F. The aspects of economic history.

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