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Directions in Sociolinguistics. The Ethnography of Communication

ed. by J. J. Gumperz, D. H. Hymes


Directions in Sociolinguistics. The Ethnography of Communication

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New York


Holt, Rinehart and Winston

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X, 598 p.



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Models of the interaction of language and social life / Dell Hymes --Culture patterning of speech behavior in Burundi / Ethel M. Albert --Struck speech : the Yakan concept of litigation / Charles O. Frake --The strategy of Turkish boys' verbal dueling rhymes / Alan Dundes, Jerry W. Leach, Bora Özkök --Signifying and marking : two Afro-American speech acts / Claudia Mitchell-Kernan --Riddles : expressive models of interrogation / John M. Roberts, Michael L. Forman --On sociolinguistic rules : alternation and co-occurrence / Susan Ervin-Tripp --Context and alternation in Koya kinship terminology / Stephen A. Tyler --Social context and semantic feature : the Russian pronominal usage / Paul Friedrich --Remarks on ethnomethodology / Harold Garfinkel --On the analyzability of stories children / Harvey Sacks --Sequencing in conversational openings / Emanuel A. Schegloff --A kinesic-linguistic exercise : the cigarette scene / Ray L. Birdwhistell --Social meaning in linguistic structures : code-switching in Norway / Jan-Petter Blom, John J. Gumperz --Domains and the relationship between micro- and macrosociolinguistics / Joshua A. Fishman --Ethnic processes on the Pathan-Baluch boundary / Fredrik Barth --A sociolinguistic approach to socialization : with some reference to educability / Basil Bernstein --The stylistic signifcance of consonantal Sandhi in Trukese and Ponapean / John L. Fischer --On the mechanism of linguistic change / William Labov.

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