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Dimensions of possession

ed. by I. Baron [et al.]


Dimensions of possession

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John Benjamins Pub. Co.

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335 p.


Typological studies in language ; 47



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Introduction: Dimensions of possession / Michael Herslund and Irene Baron --1. The operational basis of possession: A dimensional approach revisited / Hansjakob Seiler --2. The concept of possession in Danish grammar / Ole Togeby --3. Possession spaces in Danish / Finn Sorensen --4. The verb have in Nyulnyulan languages / William McGregor --5. Semantics of the verb have / Irene Baron and Michael Herslund --6. Possessum-oriented and possessor-oriented constructions in Russian / Per Durst-Andersen --7. Datives and comitatives as neighbouring spouses. The case of indirect objects and comitatives in Danish / Lars Heltoft --8. Towards a typology of French NP de NP structures or how much possession is there in complex noun phrases with de in French? / Inge Bartning --9. Spanish N de N structures from a cognitive perspective / Henrik Hoeg Muller --10. The grammatical category "Possession" and the part-whole relation in French / Martin Riegel --11. Kinship in grammar / Osten Dahl and Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm --12. (In)alienability and (in)determination in Portuguese / Anne-Marie Spanoghe --13. Possessives with extensive use: A source of definite articles? / Kari Fraurud --14. Possessors and experiencers in Classical Latin / A. Machtelt Bolkestein --15. The difference a category makes in the expression of possession and inalienability / Marianne Mithun --16. Ways of explaining possession / Bernd Heine.

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