Digital religion

understanding religious practice in new media worlds / ed. by H. A. Campbell
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XI, 272, [1] p.
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1. Introduction: the rise of the study of digital religion / Heidi A. Campbell --2. Ritual / Christopher Helland --3. Identity / Mia Lövheim --4. Community / Heidi A. Campbell --5. Authority / Pauline Hope Cheong --6. Authenticity / Kerstin Radde-Antweilier --7. Religion / Gregory Price Grieve --8. Hindu worship online and offline / Heinz Scheifinger --9. Virtual Buddhism: Buddhist ritual in second life / Louis Connelly --10. Playing Muslim hero: construction of identity in video games / Vit Sisler --11. Digital storytelling and collective religious identity in a moderate to progressive youth group / Lynn Schoefield clark and Jill Dierberg --12. Charting frontiers of online religious communities: the case of Chabad Jews / Oren Golan --13. Considering religious community through online churches / Tim Hutchings --14. The kosher cell phone in ultra-Orthodox society: a technological ghetto within the global village? / Tsuriel Rashi --15.dtFormation of a religious Technorati: negotiations of authority among Australian emerging church blogs / Paul Emerson Teusner --16. Alt-Muslim: Muslims and modernity's discontents / Nabil Echchaibi --17. You are what you install: religious authenticity and identity in mobile apps / Rachel Wagner --18. Japanese new religions online: Hikari no Wa and "net religion" / Erica Baffelli --19 "'Go online!' said my guardian angel": the Internet as platform for religious negotiation / Nadja Miczek --20. Theoretical frameworks for approaching religion and new media / Knut Lundby --21. Ethical issues in the study of religion and new media / Mark D. Johns --22. Theology and the new media / Stephen Garner --23. Concluding thoughts: Imagining the religious in and through the digital / Stewart M. Hoover
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