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Digital love

romance and sexuality in games / ed. by H. McDonald


Digital love

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Boca Raton, FL


CRC Press

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292 p.



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Sexualization, shirtlessness, and smouldering gazes : desire and the male character / Michelle Clough --Making love not war : female power and the emotional labor of peace in code : realize the guardian of rebirth and Princess Arthur / Sarah Christina --Love on the farm : romance and marriage in Stardew Valley / Amanda Lange --From smoldering justicar to blue-skinned space babe : Asari sexuality in mass effect / Alexandra M. Lucas --Visualizing data for pleasure : Heather Kelley on game design, sexuality, and user interfaces / Diana Pozo --Intimate games : facing our inner predators / Sabine Harrer --It's time for this Jedi to get laid : casual romance in Star Wars : the Old Republic / Jessica Sliwinski --Naughty bytes : the Western complications of genitalia in non-porn video games / Heidi McDonald --Invitation : granting emotional access through romantic choice / Leah Miller --Designing video game characters for romantic attachment : practical application and design pitfalls / Jennifer Killham, Claudia Osthof, and Jana Stadeler --Sweet solutions for female gamers : Cheritz, Korean otome games and global otome game players / Sarah Christina Ganzon --Sadistic lovers : exploring taboos in otome / A.M. Cosmos --Love transcends all (geographical) boundaries : the global lure of romance historical otome games and the Shinsengumi / Lucy Morris --Do androids dream of electric consent? / Luke Dicken --Digital love : future love : VR and the future of human relationships and sexuality / Marc Loths.

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