sound and music in hip culture / P. Ford
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Oxford [et at.]
Oxford University Press
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xii, 306 p.
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Dig (an introduction) --Koan (what is hip?): What is hip? ; The Suzuki rhythm boys ; The devil's staircase ; The black spot --Somewhere/nowhere: Precambrian ; Game ideology ; Smart goes crazy ; Irony ; Miles and Monk ; Somewhere/nowhere --Sound become holy (the Beats): Sound become holy ; The sadness of it all ; Digging what they dig ; Astounding and prophetic ; Stenciled off the real --Hip sensibility in an age of mass counterculture: Right on, Mr. Horowitz ; The square ; Asymmetrical consciousness ; Elitism ; Mass culture critique ; The decline of midcentury modernism and the birth of postmodernism ; Sound museum --Mailer's sound: "The sound is the thing, man" ; Abstraction ; Whiteness ; Mailer's sound ; Enantiodromia --"Let's say that we're new, every minute" (John Benson Brooks): Off-minor ; Music of the isms ; Djology ; Cipher ; Magical hermeneutics ;Technologies of experience ; Practice.
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