Crossing frontiers

gerontology emerges as a science / W. A. Achenbaum
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New York
Cambridge University Press
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XIII, 278 p.
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Introduction; Two Precursors; Keywords; OLD AGE BECOMES A 'PROBLEM' WORTH INVESTIGATING SCIENTIFICALLY; 1. Surveying the Frontiers of Aging; 2. Setting Boundaries for Disciplined Discoveries; 3. Establishing Outposts for Multidisciplinary Research on Aging; GERONTOLOGY TAKES SHAPE IN THE ERA OF BIG SCIENCE; 4. Organizing the Gerontological Society to Promote Interdisciplinary Research Amid Disciplinary and Professional Constriction; 5. Risk-taking in the Modern Research University - The Fate of Multidisciplinary Institutes on Aging; 6. The Federal Government as Sponsor, Producer, and Consumer of Research on Aging; 7. Gerontology in the Service of America's Aging Veterans; Conclusion; The Current State of the Field; Reconstructing Gerontology
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