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Contemporary theories of religion

a critical companion / ed. M. Stausberg


Contemporary theories of religion

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There is life in the old dog yet: an introduction to contemporary theories of religion / Michael Stausberg --Religion as superhuman agency: on E. Thomas Lawson and Robert N. McCauley (1990), Rethinking religion / Steven Engler & Mark Gardiner --nthropomorphism and animism: on Stewart E. Guthrie (1993), Faces in the clouds / Benson Saler --From need to violence: on Walter Burkert (1996), Creation of the sacred / Gustavo Benavides --Religion as ritual: Roy Rappaport's changing views from pigs for the ancestors to ritual and religion in the making of humanity / Robert A. Segal --Religious economies and rational choice: on Rodney Stark and Roger Finke (2000), Acts of faith / Gregory D. Alles --Religion as communication: on Niklas Luhmann (2000), the Religion of society / Peter Beyer --Exotic experience and ordinary life: on Andrew Newberg, Eugene D'Aquili and Vince Rause, Why God won't go away / Matthew Eay --Religion as the unintended product of brain functions in the "standard cognitive science of religion model": on Pascal Boyer (2001), Religion explained and Ilkka Pyysi'ainen (2003), How religion works / Jeppe Sinding Jensen --Religion as evolutionary cascade: on Scott Atran (2002), In gods we trust / Joseph Bulbulia --Religion as superorganism: on David Sloan Wilson (2002), Darwin's cathedral / Joseph Bulbulia & Marcus Frean --Roots in the brain, the origin and explanation of religion: on Ddvid Lewis-Williams (2005), Inside the neolithic mind / Donald Wiebe --Boundary maintenance: religions as organic-cultural flows on Thomas Tweed (2006), Crossing and dwelling / Aaron W. Hughes --Theory of religion as myth: on Loyal Rue (2005), Religion is not about God / Hubert Seiwert --New atheistic approaches in the cognitive science of religion: on Daniel Dennett (2006), Breaking the spell, and Richard Dawkins (2006): the God delusion / Armin W. Geertz --Interventionist practices and the promises of religion: on Martin Riesebrodt (2007), Cultus und heilsversprechen / Michael Stausberg.

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