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new philosophical perspectives / ed. by Q. Smith, A. Jokic



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Clarendon Press

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532 p.



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Blurry images, double vision, and other oddities: new problems for representationalism? / Michael Tye -- The intentional structure of consciousness / Time Crane -- Experience and representation / Joseph Levine -- Transparent experience and the availability of qualia / Brian Loar -- Colour, consciousness, and colour consciousness / Brian P. McLaughlin -- How to read your own mind: a cognitive theory of self-consciousness / Shaun Nichols and Stephen Stich -- Knowing mental states: the asymmetry of psychological prediction and explanation / Kristin Andrews -- The content and epistemology of phenomenal belief / David J. Chalmers -- Privileged access / Ernest Sosa -- Consciousness and cognition: semiotic conceptions of bodies and minds / James H. Fetzer -- Maps, gaps, and traps / Robert Van Gulick -- Theories of consciousness / David Papineau -- Perspectival representation and the knowledge argument / William G. Lycan -- McGinn on consciousness and the mind-body problem / Anthony Brueckner and E. Alex Beroukhim -- Why cognitive scientists cannot ignore quantum mechanics / Quentin Smith -- Consciousness and the quantum world: putting qualia on the map / Michael Lockwood -- Mindless sensationalism: a quantum framework for consciousness / Don N. Page -- Consciousness and quantum theory: strange bedfellows / Barry Loewer.

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