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Communion and otherness

further studies in personhood and the church / J. Zizioulas ; ed. P. MacPartlan


Communion and otherness

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T & T Clark

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315 pages

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Introduction: Communion and Otherness; 1. On Being Other: Towards an Ontology of Otherness; 2. On Being a Person: Towards an Ontology of Personhood; 3. The Father as Cause: Personhood Generating Otherness; 4. The Trinity and Personhood: Appreciating the Cappadocian Contribution; 5. Pneumatology and the Importance of the Person: A Commentary on the Second Ecumenical Council. 6. Human Capacity and Human Incapacity: A Theological Exploration of Personhood; 7. "Created" and "Uncreated": The Existential Significance of Chalcedonian Christology; 8. The Church as the "Mystical" Body of Christ: Towards an Ecclesial Mysticism

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